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Elements of Distinction


At TAA Custom Homes their goal is not  be another construction company, but a company that builds and renovates from an artistic point of view. They build on their passion for design. Their design concepts are infused with knowledge of the decorative arts, fine arts and expertise in architecture. Their interior and exterior signatures distinguish their homes through unwavering pursuit of perfection, they accept nothing less than the highest standards of quality and apply a scrupulous attention to every detail. Beautiful, enduring materials and finishes custom-crafted to last for generations; antique features and materials that defy comparison and exquisite, painstaking details rarely found in homes today. 

The Art of Building Homes


To create original masterpieces of architecture, and to realize the high expectations of their clients, each home is flawlessly executed with the finest and most sophisticated materials and are supported by rigorous historical contextual and technical research. They offer exceptional service to their clients through all phases of design and construction. The final product is built to stand the test of time and that will delight and impress family and visitors alike for generations to come. 



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